MLTIC (read as M-L-Tick) or Malaysian Legal and Tax Information Centre is a Free Access to Law web cluster on Malaysian law and tax promoted by University of Malaya and MKMS.

This first-of-its-kind web cluster in the ASEAN aggregates the full original text of selected Malaysian legal and tax materials (News, Legislation, Judgments and Rulings, Notices & Directives, Treaties & Agreements, Reports & Articles) and publishes them through, free of charge. MLTIC also adds value to selected legal and tax materials in a limited way to make them easier to comprehend.

MLTIC consists of a main portal and 10 micro-sites (based on areas of law/ practice) accessible at or via The Microsites are (1) Banking & Finance, (2) Competition Law, (3) Corporate & Commercial, (4) Criminal Law, (5) Dispute Resolution, (6) Employment Law, (7) IP & Technology Law, (8) Real Estate & Construction, (9) Tax & Revenue, and (10) Transport & Logistics. The items which are not covered elsewhere are classified under General.

MLTIC provides several periodic e-mail alerts (including a daily consolidated e-mail alert) to registered users (registration is free), and syndication of updates by way of RSS feeds to its supporting organizations.

MLTIC serves legal and tax practitioners, corporate counsels, accountants, auditors, company directors and officials, judicial and other court officers, students and faculty members of law and business faculties, public servants, enforcement, businessmen and the general public.

  • to provide fast and free access to the latest Malaysian legal and tax materials to professionals, particularly to lawyers and tax practitioners;
  • to promote the concept of free and easy access to primary and secondary legal materials;
  • to enhance the status of the Malaysian legal and tax professions internationally;
  • to make business people, both local and international, better aware of Malaysian law and tax, thus enabling them to run their businesses more efficiently;
  • to enhance the quality of legal and tax awareness among law, accounting and business students, who are the emerging professionals;
  • to educate the general public on the relevant local laws and legal developments, giving them informed access to justice.
  • Editorial Policy

    1. MLTIC shall at all times maintain editorial integrity, independence and impartiality.

    2. MLTIC, being a Free Access to Law initiative, shall promote free access to Malaysian legal and tax information.

    3. MLTIC shall only publish materials gathered from sources listed in the MLTIC List of Sources and are directly relevant to the theory and practice of Malaysian law and tax, as categorised in the MLTIC Content Classification.

    4. MLTIC shall comply with all applicable laws in Malaysia, particularly the copyright, privacy and data protection laws.

    5. MLTIC shall not publish materials that are illegal, immoral, indecent, undesirable, violent or pornographic in nature, or that promote vices such as sexual services, tobacco products, liquor, weapons or narcotics.

    6. MLTIC shall not promote or pursue any political, racial or religious agenda.

    7. MLTIC shall not endorse or favour, or give an impression of endorsing or favouring, any individual, organization, publication, event, service or product, even if that individual, organization, publication, event, service or product supports MLTIC financially or otherwise. MLTIC may however provide those privileges that such individual, organization, publication, event, service or product is contractually entitled to as a sponsor, advertiser or contributor of MLTIC.

    8. MLTIC shall exercise due caution in publishing or reproducing sensitive or potentially controversial materials.

    9. MLTIC may allow advertisements or advertorials, but shall ensure that they are clearly distinguished from the editorial contents. MLTIC shall not participate in any advertisement schemes, where MLTIC does not have a direct control over the advertisements and advertisers.


    MLTIC updates its users of all latest Malaysian legal and tax developments.

    The contents are primarily classified under six categories: (1) Legal/Tax News, (2) Legislation, (3) Judgments & Rulings, (4) Notices & Directives, (5) Treaties & Agreements, and (6) Reports & Articles.

    News: includes the full text of news items related to law and tax, sourced from news agencies including Bernama and leading newspapers, professional bodies, industry newsletters, regulatory bodies and government departments.

    Legislation: includes selected Federal Acts and Amendment Acts, Federal Bills, Federal PU(A)s and PU(B)s. This section makes available, where possible, selected State enactments and Syariah enactments.

    Judgments & Rulings: contains selected judgments and rulings from the Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court of Malaya, High Court of Sabah and Sarawak and several tribunals including Industrial Court, Special Commissioners of Income Tax and Customs Appeal Tribunal. This section provides the full text of the judgments with key legal principles highlighted, catch phrases for easy identification of issues, and commentaries on landmark judgments.

    Notices & Directives: contains selected guidelines, regulations, directives, circulars, notices, etc issued by regulatory bodies, statutory bodies and government departments. This section provides full text of each item, press releases accompanying the items, and summaries/ commentaries on landmark regulatory developments.

    Treaties & Agreements: contains information on treaties and agreements such as Free Trade Agreements that involve Malaysia.

    Reports & Articles: includes reports and articles on law and tax, sourced from leading publishers, publications (newsletters, etc) of legal and tax firms, newspapers and other publications, journals, and directly from authors.

    MLTIC Plus

    MLTIC Plus is an extension website of MLTIC, which amongst others, features a legal directory, law job search tool, and a mini legal book store. It also has dedicated sections to report news, events and achievements of Malaysian law students and lawyers.

    Legal & Tax Directory: a directory of local legal and tax practitioners that can be searched based on their area of practice/ specialization, location, and experience.

    Law Jobs: a custom-developed search engine that allows visitors to search for matching legal job vacancies.

    Bookstore: an online information store of books published by participating publishers.

    Events: a listing of latest legal and tax events produced by participating publishers.

    Products & Services: an information centre of products and services (of participating vendors and service providers) which are generally useful to lawyers.

    MLTIC Learning

    MLTIC Learning is a soon-to-be-launched Free Access to Law project.

    This initiative aims to explain in simple terms the legal and tax principles and practices to those who are not legal or tax professionals. This would help small businesses and general public to better understand the scope of the laws and regulations they are bound to follow.

    MLTIC Research

    MLTIC Research is a work-in-progress Free Access to Law initiative that aims to build a comprehensive database of all Malaysian legal and tax materials. The key objective of this project is to facilitate free legal and tax research in the country.