Sponsorship & Advertisement

MLTIC allows organizations to take advantage of its standing as the most-visited web portal on Malaysian law and tax by becoming its sponsors and advertisers.

Several options are available; all of them guarantee maximum exposure and best value for investment.

Interested organizations may contact us.


A public body, government department, professional association or a not-for-profit organization in the local legal, tax or related industry may become a Supporting Organization of MLTIC by mutual agreement.

MLTIC, on request, will carry Supporting Organizations’ news, events and information about their products and services, and provide custom-designed legal news feeds on their websites.

MLTIC expects Supporting Organization to publically endorse and support MLTIC’s Free Access to Law initiative.

University of Malaya is the Principal Supporting Organization of MLTIC.

MLTIC is also supported by several organizations including the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association.

Interested organizations may contact us.

Business Partnership

MLTIC has, and is planning to develop, a wide range of products and services for Malaysian legal and tax industries.

MLTIC believes that forging long-term partnerships with the right people is the way forward, and is always in the look-out for enterprising individuals or organizations with existing business or feasible business ideas to partner with.

MLTIC’s particular strengths are (a) a launch platform which has unrivalled visibility in the target markets, and (b) ability to provide high-quality, reliable and cost-effective back-end support.

Interested parties may contact us.