Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ventures you can get into to help you generate
passive income and that is why a lot of people actually want to become affiliate
marketers themselves.

But in this industry, there are so many different terms that are being thrown around and
beginners might find it hard to truly understand what they actually mean.

So, I thought of writing an article that focuses on the lingo that is being used by affiliate
marketers and anyone that is involved in this industry. Do read on to find out what they

Affiliate Link

This is the link that will be given to you by your partner merchant. This is a special link
because it has a tracking capability that will allow merchants to know if the click has
been clicked on and someone actually bought something from the specific page that it
leads to.

Above the Fold

This is the part of your website or blog where most of the content is seen at first glance
without having to navigate through your website. In other words, this is the part that
people see when they first arrive on your platform.

Affiliate Network

They are third-party networks that will bridge companies with willing and able affiliates.
They will be the ones to manage the merchants’ affiliate programs and they are also
going to be the ones to suggest affiliates to said merchants as well.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is something that allows affiliates to sign up to it and so that you
can give them the affiliate links afterward. Think of this as an agreement that both
parties can agree on.


This refers to the money that the affiliate makes whenever they refer someone to the
merchant’s site. Since most merchants nowadays use the pay-per-sale model, anyone
who has clicked on an affiliate link that actually buys something from the said link will
mean that the affiliate receives a percentage commission off of that specific sale.

Cookie Expiration

All affiliate links are embedded with a special tracking cookie that expires after a said
amount of time. Most affiliate links expire anywhere from 30-90 days depending on the


Stands for Click-Through Rate. This is a metric that will tell the affiliate or the merchant
how many people have clicked on the affiliate link.


Return on Investment. This is actually a business term but it is still relevant in the
affiliate marketing industry. This term basically looks at the amount of money that is
earned based on the investment that was put in.

Super Affiliates

This term is used to refer to the best affiliates in an affiliate program. They are the ones
that bring in the bulk of the sales for the said program.

Tracking Code/Cookie

This is usually embedded in an affiliate link so that the merchants can actually track how
many times the specific link has been clicked on.