A wrist watch is the most important part of a man’s accessory collection. If you are a stylish
man, apart from your clothes, timepieces are certified essentials. Are you looking for a new
mechanical watch from Malaysia? Make sure to get one that is suits your own style. Below are
three factors you must consider before going on a watch buying trip.

1. Watch Brand

This is not a direct indicator of a person’s style, but your choice of brand can still impact other
individuals’ impression about you. Of course, if you wear a popular brand, they can easily know
the value of the watch, and then attach that value to you.
If you have a limited budget, its best to settle with Japanese watches. These are not high-end
timepieces, but they still earn tons of respect in the watch industry. By just reading through
watch-related forums, you will know that Seiko and Orient are considered as two of the best
watch brands ever.

2. Watch Shape

Almost all men’s watches feature round dials for the reason that this shape is proven to be good
for the timepiece’s legibility. If you want to look handsome and dapper while wearing your
watch, consider a well-designed, round-face one. For men who want more unique choices, go for
a square-face timepiece. Choosing a square option is not easy, though. You have very limited
choices, so you need to make an effort in looking for the best ones.

3. Watch Style

A sports-style timepiece will fuel up your many appearance, while a sophisticated dress watch
will make you appear gentler. Keep in mind, though, that even sports watches can be worn inside
a corporate setting, as long as it looks dressy enough. If you are operating on a high budget, buy
2 different watches for informal and formal events.
Selecting the right watch that is unique for your own style is not easy. Take your time in
choosing the right piece. The watch you are going to buy must highlight your own style and