Web hosting is quite invaluable in this day and age mainly because people are
compelled to create their own websites just to build their own digital platforms.
That being said, what exactly do you need to know before you get one? According to
Adam Berry of Wingard Creative, he said that great web hosting companies can be
boiled down to 3 S’s: Support, Speed, and Security. Nasdaq’s Simon Ball also added
that the service has to be scalable as well.
What do these all mean? Read onward as I will explain what they meant.


Speed is important when it comes to search engine optimization. For those of you who
do not know, page loading speed is one of the main factors of good page rankings,
especially since Google made it known to the public that it will award websites that will
load within 3-5 seconds.
That being said, as devices grow faster and internet connections are fast by default, it is
imperative that you go with a web host that can provide the necessary infrastructure that
will allow you to experience blazing fast speeds on your own platform. You could say
that this feature is a must if you are going to look for a web hosting company.


It is important to keep in mind that not all people who want to create their own websites
know exactly how to build one and have it launched. Sure, they can use one of those
website builders to help them build a website, but what about the backend stuff that
requires some technical know-how?
This is where a good web hosting company comes in. If you experience any troubles
relating to your website, such as slow loading speeds or your website being down for
whatever reason, how quickly you can talk to their customer service representatives is
indicative of good service.
Remember that even if your website is inaccessible for a couple of seconds, you could
potentially be losing a lot of profits.


Privacy and security are two important things that you need to be aware of when you
are online. That is because when people sign-up to an account on your website, they
entrust to you their personal and sensitive information. The least you could do is provide
them with security so that they can rest assured that their data will never be

Hackers are already making new ways to grab a hold of your information, so you want
to go with a hosting company that prides itself on impeccable security.
Think about SSL certificates, robust anti-virus software, web application firewalls, and
so much more.


What did Simon Bell mean about a hosting company being ‘scalable’? Well, this is true
when your website gains quite a reputation in that you are getting more and more
visitors that come to your webpage at any given moment.
You’ve probably subscribed to a lower-tier plan and you want to upgrade to a much
better plan in the future. A ‘scalable’ web hosting company is one that can provide
additional services as your platform grows whenever you need it.