Taxpayers can start e-Filing Returns from Mar 1
24 February 2015 | Source: Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Taxpayers may file their Income Tax Return Forms (BNCP) for 2014 through e-Filing for forms E, BE, B, BT, P, M, MT, TP, TF and TJ from March 1.

The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) in a statement today informed that the last date for submitting their manual (paper) BNCPs for 2014 were - form E (Mar 31); form BE, BT, M, MT, TP, TF, and TJ for individuals who do not run a business (April 30); forms B, P, BT, M, MT, TP, TF, and TJ for individuals who run businesses (Jun 30).

"Taxpayers are urged to hand in their BNCPs as soon as possible and to not wait until the last moment to avoid any difficulties," said the statement.

e-Filing is a free application provided by LHDN to make it easier for taxpayers to update, count, and submit their BNCPs electronically via the Internet.

The application may be accessed directly through the ezHASIL website at or through LHDN's official portal at

For further information, the public may refer to LHDN's website or contact their call centre at 1-800-88-5436.



e-Filing For Assessment Year 2014

1. The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) would like to inform that the submission of Income Tax Return Form (ITRF) i.e. Forms E, BE, B, BT, P, M and MT
for the Year of Assessment 2014 via e-Filing will commence on 1st March 2015.

2. e-Filing is a FREE application provided by IRBM which allows taxpayers to complete, compute and submit their ITRF electronically via the internet.

3. This service is made available at or via our official portal at

4. IRBM urges all taxpayers to submit their ITRF as early as possible to avoid any inconveniences caused due to last minute filing.

5. The due dates for ITRF submission for Forms E, BE, B, BT, P, M and MT manually (Paper Form) are as below:

Form Type  Explanation Due Date for SUBMISSION of ITRF and PAYMENT of Income Tax for Year of Assessment 2014
 E Employer Tax Return Form 31st March 2015
 BE Return Form for Individual (Resident who does not carry out business)
30th April 2015
 B Return Form for Individual (Resident who carries out business) 30th June 2015
 P Partnership Return Form
 BT Return Form of a Resident Individual (Knowledge Worker / Expert Worker) 30th April 2015
(For those who do not carry on any business)

30th June 2015
(For those who carry on business)

 M Return Form of a Non-Resident Individual
 MT Return Form of a Non-Resident Individual (Knowledge Worker)

6. Taxpayers may refer to the following link for further inquiries before submitting their ITRF via e-Filing:

7. Taxpayers who have not used the e-Filing application before this need to apply for an e-Filing pin number through our Customer Feedback Form at ( or by visiting any IRBM branch customer service counters.

8. For taxpayers who have forgotten their e-Filing password may reset the password through the following steps:

i. E-mail

- Browse

- Click ‘Forgot Your Password

- Enter Your Reference No. (Identification No.), e-mail that has been registered with IRBM and click Submit.

- If e-mail entered is not as per IRBM's record, the system will indicate the right e-mail as a guide.

- If successful, kindly check your e-mail to create a new password.

ii. Through secret questions indicator:

- Browse

- Click ‘Forgot Your Password'

- Choose the secret question provided and answer accordingly.

- Click ‘Submit' to create and verify the new password (minimum 8 characters and maximum 12 characters)

iii. Visit any IRBM customer service center together with Identification Card / Passport for verification purposes.

9. Kindly be reminded that all application to reset e-Filing password, using other than the above methods will not be entertained.

10. For further inquiries please visit or contact 1-800-88-5436.



e-Filing Bagi Tahun Taksiran 2014

1. Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) ingin memaklumkan bahawa pengemukaan Borang Nyata Cukai Pendapatan (BNCP) Tahun Taksiran 2014 melalui e-Filing bagi Borang E, BE, B, BT, P, M, MT, TP, TF dan TJ boleh dilakukan mulai 1 Mac 2015.

2. e-Filing adalah aplikasi PERCUMA yang disediakan oleh LHDNM untuk memudahkan pembayar cukai melengkap, mengira dan mengemukakan BNCP secara elektronik melalui internet.

3. Aplikasi ini boleh dicapai terus melalui laman web ezHASiL di pautan atau melalui portal rasmi LHDNM

4. LHDNM menyeru semua pembayar cukai agar mengemukakan BNCP mereka dengan segera dan tidak menunggu saat akhir bagi mengelakkan sebarang kesulitan.

5. Tarikh Akhir pengemukaan BNCP Tahun Taksiran 2014 bagi Borang E, BE, B, BT, P, M dan MT secara Borang Kertas (manual) adalah seperti berikut:

 Penerangan Tarikh Akhir MENGHANTAR
Borang dan MEMBAYAR Cukai Pendapatan Tahun Taksiran
E Borang Nyata oleh Majikan 31 Mac 2015
BE Borang Nyata Individu (Pemastautin yang tidak menjalankan perniagaan)  30 April 2015
B Borang Nyata Individu (Pemastautin yang menjalankan perniagaan) 30 Jun 2015
P Borang Nyata Perkongsian

30 April 2015
(Tidak Menjalankan perniagaan)

30 Jun 2015
(Menjalankan perniagaan)

BT Borang Nyata Individu Pemastautin (Pekerja Berpengetahuan / Berkepakaran) 
M Borang Nyata Individu (Bukan Pemastautin) 
MT Borang Nyata Individu Bukan Pemastautin (Pekerja Berpengetahuan)

6. Pembayar cukai boleh meru]uk pautan berikut untuk sebarang maklumat tambahan masa untuk mengemukakan BNCP secara e-Filing: 2015 1.pdf

7. Pembayar Cukai yang belum pernah menggunakan aplikasi e-Filing sebelum ini perlu memohon nombor pin e-Filing terlebih dahulu melalui Borang Maklum Balas Pelanggan LHDNM di (pautan atau hadir sendiri di mana-mana kaunter khidmat pelanggan LHDNM.

8. Manakala bagi pembayar cukai yang terlupa kata laluan e-Filing pula, mereka boleh set semula (reset) kata laluan tersebut melalui kaedah-kaedah berikut:

i. Melalui e-mel

• Sila ke
• Klik ‘Terlupa Kata Laluan'
• Masukkan No. Pengenalan, klik butang ‘Hantar' dan masukkan alamat e¬mel yang telah didaftarkan dengan LHDNM
• Sekiranya e-mel yang dimasukkan tidak sama dengan rekod LHDNM, sistem akan memberikan bayangan e-mel sebagai panduan.
• Jika berjaya sila semak e-mel tuan untuk mewujudkan kata laluan baru.

ii. Jika ingat petunjuk kata laluan

• Sila ke
• Klik ‘Terlupa Kata Laluan'
• Pilih Petunjuk Kata Laluan dan masukkan jawapan
• Klik butang ‘Hantar' untuk masukkan kata laluan baru dan pengesahan kata laluan (minimum 8 aksara dan maksimum 12 aksara)

iii. Hadir di kaunter-kaunter khidmat pelanggan LHDNM dengan membawa Kad Pengenalan / Passport untuk pengesahan.

9. Adalah diingatkan bahawa permohonan untuk reset kata laluan e-Filing menggunakan selain daripada kaedah-kaedah tersebut tidak akan dilayan.

10. Maklumat lanjut sila layari atau hubungi 1-800-88-5436.


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