A new year has come. It’s time for web design agencies to refresh your website to meet the new web design criteria. Find out more about each of these and refresh your web design to keep up with the trends ahead!

3D Elements

Another exciting pattern is the use of 3D elements by 2020. In the computer and film industries the value of 3D graphics has already been recognized and web design is not lagging behind! Using 3D modeling is more interactive, and will increase the brand’s value.

Bold Typography

Overdimensional lettering, or bold typography, is becoming increasingly popular as website owners strive to simplify web design as much as possible.

Huge typography has certain vivid advantages. For one thing, by placing it in a big form on your website’s main page, you can draw attention to your brand name or business target. Visitors are sure to remember what was written in bold and are more likely to return to your website.

Asymmetric Designs

Most websites have a grid-based approach. The grid is made up of imaginary lines which help to keep layout elements in order on the page. Website owners who want to be unique will begin to deploy a broken grid technique and chaotically place design elements. This strategy will make websites look more innovative and become the top trend in web design for 2020.

Background Videos

Web design has always been famous for moving graphics in different forms and formats. The most recent trend is background video use! Animation brings the website to life instead of a static backdrop and allows viewers stay longer — or at least long enough to watch the entire video.

Custom Images

Custom sketches give a unique character-sense to the pages. With the aid of this trend in web design, you will highlight your brand identity and make it unforgettable to tourists. If visitors see one of your custom photos next, even on another platform, your website will pop up in their heads and they will be prompted to come back again. Only one more trick to gain online exposure and to raise conversions!

Split Dual Content

You can view more than one important message at a time on a single page, using the split content web design technique. It also helps the website appear more attractive and well-organised.

Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation is also being used in terms of minimalism, which, as you can see, is the main trend in web design for 2020. You can save a lot of space, with the help of hidden navigation. Do not hesitate to use this on your website, especially if it makes your design look clearer.

Full Screen Layout

As we have already mentioned, huge typography is particularly popular among website owners who prefer simplicity. So why not build a form of contact which suits the whole screen? Adding full-screen forms to homepage is another growing web design trend. Thus the method of sending forms for site visitors is streamlined and easier.

Parallax Design

The technique of parallax scrolling in web design emerged from the video games. Its secret lies in the moving background at different speeds during web page scrolling, creating a pseudo-3D effect.

Voice User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) allows users to communicate with a website via voice commands. Although it is not strictly related to design, this trend will add usability and functionality to your platform and ensure that all elements of the website are accessible to physically disabled people.