Sunway Mentari is not only a business center, but it’s also home to a lot of luxurious hotels. This just means that it’s a top destination for tourists and even locals. The place is also known for its Sunway Mentari girl escort scene that’s just world-class. If you’re in the hotel business, you probably know that already.

Good customer experience is what hotel guests are looking for and a hotel in Sunway Mentari should carry more than good service. It should be superb and incomparable. But, how do you make that happen? Here are four simple ways to improve your guest services.

1. Customer experience should begin even before they arrive

Create a website that’s user-friendly. Make the booking experience for your guests seamless. Work on making everything perfect because the initial impression really lasts and it makes a whole lot of difference. Moreover, your confirmation email should contain all the details they need and even your contact number in case they need additional help prior to the trip.

2. Consistently get feedback

It’s only through customer feedback that you find out how you can improve and serve guests better. Push for getting feedback to your guests by putting a survey response form in the room, after they check out, and on your thank you email. Your guests will appreciate your gesture and you strive to exceed customer expectations.

3. Personalize their experiences

In this day and age, it’s so easy to find out a thing or two about a person. A simple Google search on your guest’s name will show you things you can use to create a personalized experience for them. It could be using their favorite color for the linens or surprising them with their favorite flower on a vase. These simple touches tell your guests that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

While this strategy may not be scalable for every hotel guest, you can do this for those who are celebrating something special like a birthday or a honeymoon.

4. Make use of guest feedback

There’s no use in getting feedback from the guests if you don’t plan to use or act on them. The only way to make a calculated move is to do it based on data. If you see that a lot of your guests have a bad experience with your WiFi, consider diagnosing the problem and improving it. Not every bad feedback should be acted upon, but collective feedback that says the same thing over and over again is something that’s probably worth looking into.


Customer satisfaction starts with taking a look at the minute details. Additionally, ensuring that your front liners are empowered to make decisions to make customers happy is a step that every hotel managers must make. It is by taking care of the people that you employ that you’re able to take care of the guests in your hotel. The way you care for your employees overflows into the whole hotel. It’s a win-win!