1. Pick quality content over quantity.

Because of the increasing competition in the field of social media, brand and businesses are always striving to come up and share more types of content. They are focused on posting more content, and failing to pay more attention on its quality. Keep in mind that putting quantity over good quality is not an intelligent move.

2. Share native, engaging video content.

Content creation can be really difficult for beginners. Are you in need of quality social marketing services in Malaysia? Make sure to hire efficient marketers who can help you improve your Facebook organic reach. One thing you can suggest is the creation of engaging, native video content. This strategy is rapidly rising on the Facebook platform, helping drive in more engagement.

3. Leverage on the power of the Facebook Live feature.

Facebook Live is successfully helping several businesses connect to their existing and potential customers at a much higher level than other kinds of content. This is the key to high engagement. If you want your brand to thrive on Facebook, never ignore this feature.

4. Learn from your competitors.

Most of the time, you are so focused on analyzing your own content and performance, that you forget to look at what your competitors are doing. Tracking your own web content is great, but you should also look into your competitors’ practices. Learn from it, and let all the data guide your own strategy.

5. Learn to say no to the ‘Engagement Bait’ kind of content.

Increasing engagement rate means posting regular, relevant content on Facebook. This leads too natural conversations and interactions. Remember, all Facebook comments are part of those natural conversations that can soon improve your organic reach.