1. A formal outfit deserves a formal watch.

The formality of your outfit must match the formality of your timepiece. To accomplish this, you need to understand first the differences between different types of watches. You may be an expert in buying designer watches in Malaysia, but getting another kind of watch is a different matter. If you want to invest on a sophisticated dress watch to match your formal clothes, read more about that timepieces under this category.

2. Choose the best-looking strap.

Once you figure out the kind of watch that would look best on your attire, narrow things down by selecting the watch strap material. Should you go for a leather watch band? This option looks for formal compared to metal bands. Silver and gold metal bonds are not really appropriate for many formal events.

3. Leather complements leather.

The color and material of your shoes are suitable references for your watch band choice. Begin by matching your shoes with your belt. Afterwards, match the watch with both. A black timepiece band must be worn with black belt and shoes. Consequently, a brown watch band works well with brown shoes and belt. Watch bands don’t need to be the same exact color as the accessories. Just settle with a similar tone.

4. Metal complements metal.

Usually, titanium, platinum, silver, gold and steel materials are usually used to make the watch case. The watch’s metal color must complement all the other metal accents of the accessories, from cufflinks and rinks to belt buckle and shoe buckles.

5. Heirloom watches bend all the rules.

Heirloom watches represents wonderful legacies. These are worn usually as a memory of the original owner, or as a good luck charm. It is not worn based on the latest fashion trends. An heirloom piece is a reminder of your family culture and history. Therefore, when it comes to heirloom watches, you are free to bend the rules here.