Are you looking for the best website hosting in Malaysia for your new online business? Deciding among a big number top hosts can be overwhelming and stressful, most especially for newbies.

To make things more manageable, you must know exactly the features you are looking for. Apart from looking into SSL certificates and personal domains, you should also take into account the following:

1. Reliability

Focus on having a brilliant website performance. Your web host must ensure that your pages are live and up at all times. It must not go down or crash unnecessarily. Look into their security measures against hackers and other types of cyberattacks. In what ways can they ensure website security? Their team must be able to help you with any problem, and provide you with great customer support.

2. Truly Unlimited Plans

A lot of web hosting companies out there advertise free bandwidth, storage and space, yet they still cap it at a particular level. Take time in reading their terms. Find out if the hosting plans they are offering are really unlimited.

3. Experienced Support Staff

At some point, you are sure to run into complex technical problems. Your web host must be able to offer you immediate support whenever you need it.

4. Quality Training

The web hosting firm must provide you with effective resources that will help you manage the hosted platform. This is crucial, since you don’t need to depend on their support team for all problems.

5. Extra services

If the web hosting provider doesn’t offer regular website data backups, then it’s time to look somewhere else. A reliable website host will help their clients with backups, update their software and fix bugs efficiently. Distance yourself with those hosting companies that doesn’t offer quality website maintenance.