1. Affiliate Ads and Cost Per Action

Are you looking for affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia? Affiliate ads are something you may want to explore if you want to earn more from your website. CPA ads pay people every action. This is amazing because people don’t just need to click on a specific ad, they also need to do something after clicking it.

2. Sponsored Content

Offering sponsored content is another way to monetize web content. If you have already developed a huge audience, then brands can pay you to write mentions and articles for them. Just don’t forget to disclose the fact that you can get commissions from your recommendations. Earning from this is not as passive as the others in this list, but it’s a good start.

3. RSS Feed Ads

Providing a content feed is important in content monetization. Today, more readers are utilizing feeds in order to catch up with their favorite topics and websites. Failing to offer this would alienate your readers. Advertising options in feeds still have lots of limitations, but as of now, monetizing feed traffic is still possible.

4. Google AdSense

This is the most widely used option for those who want to earn more online. Through Google AdSense, Google serves image or text contextual ads depending on your content, and then pays you once an individual clicks on the ad. By contextual ads, we mean that Google would show ads which are directly related to your blog content.

5. CPM Ads

CPM ads pay website owners every impression, and people don’t need to do anything for them to get paid. As a blog owner, all you need to do is show them on your webpages, and wait until someone sees them. The downside? You are not paid for almost nothing every impression. In order to make lots of money, you need to generate plenty of traffic.

6. Text Links

In implementing text links, you need to prepare a part of your web page for text links. Where do you want them to appear, once they are purchased? Submit these pages–make sure to enter high-traffic pages!