A man’s watch looks different than a woman’s watch and there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing one. This article will serve as your basic guide to help you find the right one for you and your use-case, so do read further to find out some important tips.

The Watch Movement

Choosing a watch means that you are also choosing its movement. Watch movement is basically just a fancy word that depicts the fundamentals of a watch’s inner mechanisms.

There are three different types of watch movements: Mechanical, Automatic, and Quartz.

A Mechanical watch is a timepiece that relies on a mainspring for its movement. The mainspring is basically a coiled wire of metal that is attached in the body of the watch that will help dictate the watch’s movement.

Basically, the spring is wound by hand and once it unwinds, it will then produce a smooth sweeping motion that will then help you tell the time.

You have to take note that not all of them are created equal and the degree of craftsmanship depends on the watchmaking company and the watchmakers themselves.

The main advantage of a mechanical watch is that you do not need a batter anymore since its movement is dictated by the mainspring. It also signals a test of character and taste given how the watch works. Unfortunately, because you have to wind the mainspring manually, you will need to wind them regularly to ensure that the watch can tell the time accurately.


An automatic watch works similarly to mechanical watches, but with one major difference. Instead of manually winding the mainspring, automatic watches rely on a rotor and clutch device that will help wound the mainspring automatically (that’s where it got its moniker).

Because the mainspring is wound automatically, you will not need any battery at all and all you need to do to keep the rotor running is to just wear the watch daily. Your natural movements will keep the rotor running without any problems.

However, if you decide to not wear the watch for a couple of days, especially if you have other timepieces, you run the risk of it losing power. That is why it is important that you put your automatic watch in a watch winder to keep it powered on even if you’re not wearing them.


Unlike the previous watches, Quartz Watches are powered by a battery which is why it is the most accurate timepiece among the other options. You do not have to worry about mainsprings or winding it since the battery will do the job of powering the entire watch for you.

Unfortunately, the Quartz watch is also the least sexy among the other options and if you are getting an analog watch, you will see that it has a staggered movement as opposed to a smooth operation.


If you want a more stylish watch that you can wear with confidence at more formal events, then you can choose an automatic watch for that. However, if you want an affordable timepiece that accurately gives you the time without having to worry about any winding mechanism, then Quartz watches are for you. Mechanical watches are a hassle but you can get them for the sole purpose of adding another timepiece to your collection.