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scale2For justice is not blind yet it doesn’t discriminate, thus the sword shall punish those found deserving and guilty; the scales balances order and chaos within the society.

Our law firm stands and holds this to our hearts so that we may help the unfortunate and betrayed claim their justice. Each of the lawyers in our law firm has their own area of expertise, making our law firm well-equipped to tackle different case.


Practice Areas

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Family Law

Our experienced and specialized family lawyers will help you see to and solve disputes on:



-Child Protective Proceedings

-Marriage, Domestic Partnership and Civil Unions

-Child Custody


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Sexual Offences

Protect yourself and claim your rights. Our lawyers specializing in sexual offence will help claim justice.

-Sexual Assault

-Child Sexual Abuse

-Sexual Assault of Men And Boys

-Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

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Whether you want to charge an individual for shoplifting or to defend against shoplifting charges, our lawyer will help you in each steps and procedures.

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Drug Offences

Let our experienced lawyers help with the procedures; whether it is defense or prosecution for drug offence.

-Illegal Possession Of Drugs

-Drug Production

-Possession Of Drug With Intent to Supply



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Money Laundering

Money laundering is an act by any person that engages in concealing, disguising, transferring, converting or disposing financial assets. Whether you are accused or charging an individual with said offence, our experienced lawyers can help you.

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