For a time, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies because the milk that comes from them would provide ample nutrition to the baby to help them grow. However, things will change when they are at least a couple of months old.

It would be inconvenient for the mother to continue breastfeeding their child which means that they have to rely on a baby milk bottle to feed their young ones.

Buying a baby bottle is not as easy as it seems. If you think that you can just buy one off the shelf and have your baby enjoy them, then I am here to burst that thought bubble because it is not as easy as it seems.

Do not worry though, for in this article, I will provide you with the baby bottle buying basics that every parent must know.

Bottle Types

A lot of bottle companies nowadays ensure that the things that they create will somehow emulate the experience of breastfeeding. That means that the size of the bottle, as well as the texture of the nipple, will create a similar experience to that of breastfeeding, in general.

Here is a breakdown of all of the different bottle types so that you will know what’s best for your baby:

  • Standard- This is considered to be the most common bottles out there and some of them are made out of plastic, glass, or even stainless steel. If you want to go for the cheapest, go for plastic. Otherwise, both of the aforementioned variants are good as well
  • Wide-Neck- This is ideal for babies who are still breastfeeding and you just want a temporary reprieve from the experience. This simulates what it feels like to feed off of a true nipple, which is why this is the one to get if they constantly have to change from bottle to actual nipple more often
  • Angle-Neck- Perfect for babies who are gassier than others, the Angle-neck bottle prevents too much air from entering the nipple
  • Vented- Another great option for gassy babies, these bottles would come with a built-in tube to prevent the formation of air pockets in the bottle.

Nipple Types

Just like bottles, nipples come in different varieties as well. Usually, when you buy a baby bottle, it already comes included with a nipple but they are the standard ones and might not be fit for your baby. Do not worry as you can buy ones separately as well.
Here are some of the most notable nipple variants out there:

  • Traditional- This is the variant that comes with most baby bottles today. They have a bell shape and they are usually made out of latex as well
  • Flat-Topped- If your baby really loves the feel of a true nipple, then you may want to get this one. This pretty much mimics the real thing by having a flat top couple with a bigger base bulb
  • Orthodontic- This is the opposite of flat-topped nipples in that it has a bulbous top and a much flatter base. Its shape is to help protect your baby’s palate
  • Anti-Vacuum- Perfect for babies who are gassier than others
  • Multi-Flow Nipples- This is good for bigger babies that want more control over the flow of their milk.