find comedy manga series to read online malaysia

Normally, if a manga becomes successful enough, there’s a high chance an anime will be on its way. Hinamatsuri, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, ReLIFE, KonoSuba, Gintama, Spy x Family, Skip Beat!, and Ouran High School Host Club have already created anime series that are generally regarded, although they do not completely include the source material’s substance. These programs, if nothing else, seek to entice anime fans to grab the manga in order to learn more about the tale. So, let’s find comedy manga series to read online malaysia.


Last Game

Last Game, which was written by Shinobu Amano, is a nice and simple read that is continually entertaining and charming. It may not result in the most chuckles, but it is always amusing and charming. Naoto Yanagi, who is rich and pompous, is used to perfecting everything, so when, Mikoto Kujou, a new student, overtakes him, he is furious. Yanagi decides to shatter Kujou’s heart, determined to reach his goal of winning one over her.

Last Game uses a lot of shojo manga cliches, although it focuses on comedy rather than drama. The art is fantastic, the characters are lovable, and the story is short and sweet.


The Voynich Hotel

find comedy manga series to read online malaysia

There is a rather peculiar resort on the South Pacific island of Blefuscu that looks to lure solely people looking to get away from their daily life. The Voynich Hotel, which is operated by a fighter and a couple of his maids, is steeped in mystery, and its customers are those who prefer to keep to themselves and not poke around.

The Voynich Hotel, penned by Sayman Dowman, is an absurdist comedy for the most part, in which the humour comes from what you see as well as what you do not. Although the characters aren’t particularly complex, they are well-suited to the tone and plot of the series.


The Legend Of The Strongest, Kurosawa!

find comedy manga series to read online malaysia

The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa! is a powerful manga about a middle-aged man who decides to make drastic changes to his life and is a creation from the same person, Nobuyuki Fukumoto, who brought us Akagi and Kaiji. Kurosawa, while not wanting of drama or emotional subtlety, is far more comic than Fukumoto’s other well-known manga, and it is often amusing.

The titular character undergoes a remarkable transformation. The manga depicts his transformation from someone who despises himself to someone who is prepared to go to war for what he has.



Youtsuba&! has been running for nearly two decades, penned by the cartoonist, Kiyohiko Azuma who brought Azumanga Daioh to the public. Despite the fact that it prompted an anime spin-off named Nyanbo!, the core tale has yet to be adapted. Given how old the manga is, this is doubtful to change anytime soon.

Yotsuba&! is a relatable comedy that follows the hyperactive and famed young girl through her day, as she provides plenty of chuckles in the process. It’s a lovely, family-friendly show that respects youthful idealism while remaining grounded.