How to make money blogging in Malaysia? Making profitable blog is not as hard as what you have thought. BUT there are things that you really need to consider at first. Before starting a blog, think of ways that makes your blog standout the most, makes your blog successful in monetizing, and blogging full time. There are basic things you need to know:

What is a niche?

It’s most likely not a word you’ll keep running into regular day except if you happen to discuss blogging or in an online marketing. A niche is the general topic matter that you expound on. It’s the main theme of your blog. When you have a niche, every one of your posts rotate around that fundamental topic, and that is basically all you talk about. These general blog topics are very and quite broad, so pick a topic and drill down somewhat further.

How do you choose a perfect niche for your blog?

Your passion is certainly a significant piece of the selection process, yet it’s not by any means the only thing.

Your purpose – the primary thing to do when choosing a niche for you blog. You must know what your purposes are, your goals, and your target goals. There is literally nothing wrong in having a blog as your hobby, and whatever you choose, you have to appreciate doing it else it will simply get disregarded and in the long run relinquished.

Your content / topic – the second most important thing when choosing a niche for you blog. You must know the topic you’re going to discuss with your audiences. The more knowledge you have, the more they intrigued your blogs.

You should expound normally on your picked topic. The more you compose on a topic the more you will end up being an expert in that niche. Also, if you need to profit from your blogging, at that point you will require some specialist.

Your sources – of course! Not everything you knew. You should have your back-up or your proof/evidence of every topic you have discussed with them, The more you have your legit information, the more they trusted you. And the more they trust you, the more they will find you. BUT, the more original content, the more they will love your blog.


Before the end you ought to have a reasonable thought of the ideal niche for your blog. A niche you will enjoy expounding on with an interminable supply of content. Also, one that will conceivably profit.

Ideally, you can begin to perceive any reason why picking your niche is so significant. It is the establishment to a fruitful blog. Set aside the effort to pick your ideal niche.

Furthermore, when you’ve chosen a specialty, it’s time to choose an area name for your blog.