1. Banging or Dropping the Watch

The costs of a mechanical watch in Malaysia is not a joke. It can be really expensive. Thus, you need to make sure that you know how to care of it well, most especially if it is a vintage watch. Don’t bang or drop it.

When new, mechanical watches were created to withstand the fall of around three feet on raised wood surfaces. Once they get older, the parts may be difficult to replace. Some parts can be rare and costly. They are very difficult to replace. Timepieces may appear intact after a bang, but take note that damage can be done internally. Serious damage can take place if the impact happens at a bad angle.

2. Water or other harmful fluids

Never expose vintage mechanical watches to water or other types of fluids. They are not equipped to prevent moisture. Just in case water enters the vintage watch’s mechanism, pull out its crown as far as it will go, and then place the timepiece crystal down in bag of rice. Close the bag. This is just a “first aid” that you can do for the watch. Right after this, make sure to take it to a reputable center for watch servicing. Any further delay can further damage it.

Wearing excessive perfume on that same wrist where you wear the watch is also not advisable. The oils can potentially react with the watch’s timepiece, or interfere with the delicate oil balance within your timepiece.

3. Long-Term Storage

Are you thinking of storing your timepiece for a longer period of time? Research on proper watch storage. See to it that the vintage watch is stored at a clean, dry place. Ideally, it should be high above ground level, since moisture collects at lower levels.

If you are thinking it to store the timepiece in a safety deposit box, put it in a resealable bag after wrapping it in paper towels. Another tip is to put silica gel packs with them.

4. Magnetism

There are a lot of dangers that can damage the optimal functioning of vintage mechanical watches. Magnetism is actually the primary cause of malfunctioning in mechanical timepieces. It causes them to run abnormally slow or fast. At times, it stops it altogether. Avoid putting it in prolonged, direct contact with magnets, electrical equipment and batteries.