Are people who are wearing wristwatches old-fashioned? Well, wristwatches may have been built for so many decades now but wearing one is actually not considered old-fashioned. If anything, it is a timeless piece that can elevate one’s style in addition to telling the time in the most convenient way.

Having said that, if you are thinking of buying a really good automatic watch for yourself, do not worry about society’s qualms about the matter. People who will tell you that wristwatches should be extinct are also the same people that are questioning the effects of smartphone use.

To help you decide if you should buy a wristwatch or not, I will provide you with the information that you need to help influence your decision. Today, I am going to go over some of the pros and cons of wearing a wristwatch.


Conveniently Tell the Time

The most basic function of a wristwatch is to tell the time. All other features are considered as watch complications and can safely be ruled out if all you really want is a simple device that tells the time.

Despite the fact that it is the only basic functionality of a timepiece, a wristwatch can tell you the time in the most convenient way possible. All you really need to do is glance over your wrist and you will know what the current time is. Can you do that with your smartphone?

A Great Man’s Accessory

Among all of the different things that you can put on your body, what is the only acceptable accessory that a man can wear? If you say a wristwatch, then you are correct.

The thing is, women can wear anything and it will be socially acceptable for them to do so. But, if you are a businessman and you wear accessories other than a watch, people will have bad things to say about you.

A good wristwatch is all a man really needs to look great.

Sign of Adulthood

Even though there are watches that are specifically made for children, wearing a watch is a true sign of adulthood.
Wearing a timepiece can tell other people that you are an organized individual who is always punctual and values time first and foremost.

Collector’s Item

Have you seen the movie, Doctor Strange? In the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has a watch collection unlike any other.
You could say that collecting wristwatches can be a great hobby and it is also a sign that you want to flaunt your status and achievements.


May Not Have a Lot of Features

There are many other watches out there that provide additional features other than just telling the time. You have Chronograph Watches, sports watches, dive watches, and so much more. But, even if you add all of them up, they still do not live up to what a smartphone can do.


You might have a dream watch and you really want to buy it at all costs. There is a problem: Its price. Luxury watches are called such for a reason and that is because it is sometimes a luxury that not a lot of people can afford.