This article reports about the news that mainly deals with the trends and conditions in the recent crypto market. However, before mentioning the conditions of the cryptocurrency market, I may explain briefly more about:

What is cryptocurrency?

What is a crypto market?

And lastly,

What are the Top Conditions to look at currently in the Crypto Market?


What is cryptocurrency?

“Cryptocurrency is a type of digital and virtual currency based on blockchain technology. There are a few types of cryptocurrency in the market, widely known by most people are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The currency’s transactions are mostly carried out via encryption, which makes counterfeiting and double-spending difficult. As a result, no legitimate financial authority has control over this asset. Due to the anonymous nature of this asset, authorities across the globe fear that the currency might pose a huge threat to the law and financial industry. This is since some financial institutions have suspected the currency is widely used by criminals for money laundering. 

Crypto Market News

How does the crypto market work?

Furthermore, it is not governed by any centralized authority. Thus the bitcoin market is decentralized. It expands throughout a network of computers that can be bought and sold on exchanges and stored in a “wallet” online. It differs from typical currencies as it consists solely of a shared digital record of ownership kept on a blockchain. A bitcoin unit is sent from one user’s digital wallet to another’s.. Until it’s validated and added to the blockchain, or else the transaction will not be completed as it is done through a process known as “mining”. 


  1. According to INDIA TODAY, the global market for cryptocurrencies has dropped TWO percent in the last 24 hours, as both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have fallen. Due to the significant volatility in the bitcoin market, other smaller cryptocurrencies also dropped.
  2. The crypto market is faltering, according to a report by CoinDesk, as the US Federal Reserve and the American Central Bank attempt to raise interest rates and restrict the expansion of their balance sheets. This may cause Bitcoin and Ethereum prices to rise, resulting in lower market volume.
  3. Since the Federal Reserve of the USA decides to hike interest rates, the cryptocurrency might face another price crash as the investors see. Plus, according to USB analysts, there are reasons to believe that things will worsen, resulting in a “crypto winter” in which assets decline and do not recover for an extended length of time. These assumed reasons are:
    1. Rising Sailing Pressure
    2. End of year Profit-Taking
    3. Strengthening Speculation
  4. According to Market Insider, a USB expert has warned that Bitcoin will plummet soon, potentially leading to a “crypto winter.” This could cause the currency to collapse and be unable to recover for an extended length of time.


Despite the risk which may pose for the investors in the Crypto Market, the existence of the cryptocurrency cannot be ignored by financial experts around the global market. 

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