Have you checked whether your iPhone battery is legit?

You are probably using an iPhone, or you will not be here. We all know that this type of mobile phone from Apple is one of the most expensive or you can call it, the most expensive for that matter. However, just because this is expensive, it will give you flawless functions for a long time. Well, that might be the chance of you will be really careful. However, as carelessness is also a part of human nature, chances are you will really experience backlogs in time.

Most of the time, it is the battery that will show poor performance first. You can bear with it for as long as you can take it. But if ever you will decide to replace it, be sure you will only use an original iPhone battery. That is right and this is even a must if you will heed the suggestion of its source company.

A big no-no for the clone

So, why not use a cheaper version? Check this out:

One of the best reasons is for you to avoid experiencing the horrors of others. You see, not all batteries can offer the services you expect. In fact, if you are buying a cheaper version for your iPhone, chances are it will not just give you poor performance, it can even cost you your smartphone. Yes, as because of the battery, your device can explode can this can even cause physical injuries to you and to your family. For sure you don’t want to risk that.

The iPhone battery is top of the line. It is far from the other cheaper brands as it is designed to meet Apple’s quality. You can be assured of the same performance with the battery included when you buy the device. Not only that, but you will also have peace of mind using the original iPhone battery as it is certified for safety before being available in the market.

Generic batteries can bring a lot of problems to the users, not only because of the fact that they might explode but also because of possible poor performance. In fact, you might really get frustrated as there are times when you just purchased the battery, yet after just a few days, you are already experiencing problems like it drains easily and so on.

If you notice, an iPhone device can check the battery health. However, if the battery is not from one of the legit providers of original iPhone batteries, this feature might not be available. It means you will not be updated if the battery will become hazardous for your valuable smartphone.

You choose to buy an iPhone even with the fact that it is obviously more expensive. Maybe because you like to be called an iPhone user or maybe because you also enjoy the superb and elite features. But if you will use a cheap battery, those things you love in the iPhone might become useless. So, before buying a cheap battery replacement, think twice!

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