Back in those days, music videos were a form of way to express and attract more audiences to watch and listen to a song. A music video is a form of expression, not just the music and the songs, but also the meaning behind the songs, doesn’t matter if it’s a hidden meaning, or straight forwards, or just a fantasy story, music videos have many forms of creative and unique ways the artists can express themselves. Twenty years back, this is what drives and helps a music video gain more audience and fans, the content the artist is providing in it. 

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But in recent times, there is major insignificance when it comes to music videos, lots of diversity, and distinctive forms of the creative and unique expression of artists. These days, it doesn’t only require a high budget and good quality video production, but as long the song is crystal clear and enjoyable for audiences and fans, people are willing to listen to it. With the right tone, and beats, and melodic and meaningful lyrics, the talent is what shines in the music videos.

But still, artists are willing to utilize all kinds of forms of creativity to make their music videos more appealing and interesting, not just in a form of entertainment, but in an artistic form. Music videos have become a staple to metaphoric and hidden messages of the songs. And honestly, artists utilize this expression in a way that is able to connect them with their fans and audiences, and only something that is in between them. Not only that, using all kinds of creative forms such as lyrics as music videos, concert footage, websites, art, imagery, dance, and some other technology-related forms of ways, to express their musical talents. You can even do your own music video with the help of Web design Agency Malaysia and other fun things to try and express your talent and creativity.

It was quite difficult back in the days to watch music videos, the only source of media we had was television, and they do play music videos, but very limited only those that are able to be televised on TV. Television, of course, has restriction because everyone watches, from children to family, everyone watches television, thus only providing music video that is authoritative and child friendly was allowed, and some other music videos that have explicit content, but a great song, is not displayed in television, making it a rare and hard to gain more fans. Honestly, with platforms such as youtube, TikTok, and Spotify, songs can be easily watched and listened to. It’s some of the best online music services, and not only that most of the music videos tend to be released on these platforms because this platform allows the audience to watch and stream the songs as many times as they want.