ISP Wave: The First Wave

The very first wave of website hosting started in the mid 1990s. During that time, there weren’t a lot of web hosting companies. Website hosting was a part of an internet service provider, or ISP.

In just two years, the amount of ISPs had grown dramatically. Several analysts predicted that the consolidation of the ISP industry was completely unavoidable. However, analysts didn’t focus on web hosting’s future. The website hosting customers for ISPs are just small- to medium-sized businesses.

One Plan Hosting Wave: The Second Wave

As huge telecommunication agencies entered the ISP industry, they started to steal and acquire several commercial clients from regional and small ISP companies. Because of the scale of the economy, ISPs can’t compete with either Comcast, Qwest or AOL for internet connection services. As a result, ISP companies eventually disappeared.

The growth of the world wide web has triggered the second wave of website hosting. Many website hosting companies provide services at a fraction of cost of what the ISPs used to charge.

The idea of web hosting plans helped grow customer base from hundreds to thousands.

Web Hosting Plan for Users: The Third Wave

Experienced webmasters were able to set up new websites in just a few minutes with the help of their preferred website hosting companies. Newbie webmasters, though, are confused by many website hosting plans.

Keep in mind that the size of the digital landscape would continue to grow exponentially, since more and more people are creating their own websites.