Impaired Learning

One of the negative effects of playing online games is that it will cause a decline in learning due to addiction to play. This can be seen when students are more likely to spend time playing online games than reviewing learning.


At the same time, a reward system that offers virtual items such as weapons, shields, costumes or mysterious gifts will make the game hard to stop. As a result, they are unable to complete assignments that cause a lot of work to be delayed at one time and are unable to concentrate on reviewing learning.

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This will definitely put pressure on the next student. There will be a feeling of lack of enthusiasm to learn as a result of feeling the thing is something difficult and not fun.


Therefore, the role of parents is very necessary to ensure that their children’s learning is in good condition. Parents should educate their children by making and preparing a schedule of daily activities since the beginning of school.


In line with that, the attitude of responsibility towards time management can be instilled in children. With good time management, they will be able to avoid doing unprofitable activities that can lead to harm and help them to live a systematic, orderly and smooth life.


Affect Health

Furthermore, the negative impact of uncontrolled online games can affect the health of children and adolescents. This is because they are more likely to focus on the game than doing activities that can provide benefits such as exercising, playing badminton, cycling, gardening, helping parents and so on.


These teenagers and children are more interested in spending their time to play these online games, especially when they get a lot of friends through the game, let alone during this critical season.


They will be addicted to winning the game because they want to defend their position and buy tools or items virtually as a result of their game. Accordingly, they will be easily lethargic, not fit, can lead to obesity.

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Not only that, they will also easily ignore mealtimes and disregard their own health. This condition will lead to a lack of nutrients and nutrients needed by the body for enlargement, hormone production, regulating the body’s response as well as the body’s immunity.


In this regard, the community, especially family members, should encourage children to do activities that can invigorate the body by providing sports equipment such as rackets, badminton, bicycles, footballs and so on.


In addition, the monitoring of food intake among family members should also be given attention by ensuring that children’s meal times are awake, provide nutritious food and do not buy snacks.


This is because a balanced diet is very important to supply enough nutrients for growth and help in carrying out various functions of organs in the body.


Disturbing Sleep and Rest Time

In addition, playing these uncontrolled online games can disrupt their sleep and rest time. When the eyes are exposed to light from electronic devices this condition will affect the secretion of the sleepy hormone melatonin which will cause difficulty sleeping.


What To Do 

Make sure to have a balanced and healthy life. You could do more than gaming. Probably be a software developer so check out mlm software malaysia