Before anything else, I just want to say that I always love how technological advancements are always made for the betterment of our lives. But, there are just some things that I really love the old-fashioned way.

I know that smartphones and tablets are pretty much two of the most important things in our lives today simply because of the endless possibilities you can do with it. You can check your email, chat with your friends, give your loved ones a video chat, or you can also tell the time by using such gadgets as well.

I may have a strong dislike with the last one, though. I see a lot of millennials or men in their 30s/ early 40s that no longer wear a watch and that is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Look at anyone who is not wearing a watch and you can simply tell that they do not look really good at all.

You see, men should always wear watches because it is the only acceptable ‘manly’ accessory that they can wear on a daily basis. Men’s watches are aplenty but I am just sad about the declining trend of fewer men wearing them every day.

In today’s article, I hope to promote the old-fashioned way and convince you why men should always wear a watch every single day.

They Help You Look Good

You know what wearing a watch can instantly do to a man? It helps them look good!

There are plenty of watches that suit different occasions. Even if you are just going on a leisurely stroll, wearing a casual watch, for example, would still look better than a man that doesn’t wear one.

If you are going to more formal events, a watch can instantly catch a woman’s attention.

In fact, if you mix and match your suit with the watch that you are wearing, you might end up getting a beautiful woman’s number before the night ends.

They Help Send the Right Message

Despite the fact that our smartphones can help tell the time, it doesn’t send the right message if you are not wearing a watch. What I mean is that when people see that you are wearing a watch, it would instantly tell them that you are more responsible with your time because you can easily tell what time it is.

Have you ever seen the richest people out there? They are always wearing a watch no matter where they go!

They Instantly Increase Your Style Points

Watches are unique in the sense that you can buy different types of watches that suit different types of personalities.

More active individuals can wear sports watches or chronograph watches to help them know how long they’ve been running.

Divers can look into buying a divers watch as it helps them know how long they’ve been submerged underwater. A certain bonus is that some divers watches, like the Rolex Submariner, can also be worn on formal events without a problem as well.

Simply put, no matter what event you are attending, there is always a watch that is fit for every occasion.